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our people are not our greatest asset, they are our only asset

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Accountancy Action relies heavily on three simple ideas. Honesty, hard work and fun and these 3 ideas are intrinsically linked. From the day you start your career with us to the day you leave, you will be considered a part of our family.

This may sound “naff” but we work really hard to achieve this and we look after our own which is seen in our successful internal development programme. We are proud that all of our managers have been promoted internally.

Recruitment is a tough industry and has many downs as well as ups. The journey to success is a rocky one so you may as well enjoy it. We continue to strive to provide our clients with a superior service to our competition so if this is something you feel strongly about, maybe its time you became a part of our business. We currently have several recruitment jobs avaliable, including trainee and graduate recruitment jobs.

Accountancy Action, is an exciting and innovative recruitment company, which sets itself apart from its competitors in terms of operation and outlook. Established in March 2001, Accountancy Action has experienced outstanding success and remarkable growth rates year on year. Partly we attribute this to our honest approach with candidates, clients and each other.

The Accountancy Action brand has become synonymous with quality of service and a personalised approach. We have specialised in finding suitable staff for accountancy roles at various locations. Despite our growth in this time we have never lost the small company mentality that every client counts.

"A business is only as strong as the staff it employs. Therefore we only want the best or those that strive to be the best. I hope you enjoy reading through our online brochure. There are 1000's of corporate websites out there telling you why you should work for them and I hope this one is slightly different. There will be some ( many perhaps ) of you out there reading this thinking this site is unprofessional... click on the x at the top right of this screen now.

For those of you that appreciate that professionalism and enjoyment do not need to be mutually exclusive please read on... you are the guys we are after."