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marc kirsch - managing director of accountancy action

So you have got as far as reading this site, I am guessing that recruitment must be of interest.

Well I stumbled on recruitment in 1997 and took a leap of faith, deciding to give it 6 months and can honestly say I have never looked back. In fact I would go so far as to say that recruitment is one of the best industries you could wish to work in.

the good the bad and the doright ugly
recruitment isn’t all fun, glory and earning loads of money. it’s also extremely hard work.

what’s great about recruitment?

For a start it's rewarding. Yes it is sales but what is the result of a successful sale? Getting someone a job and potentially changing someone's life (and getting paid for it). There is no better feeling than making a sale, especially when it comes with such a satisfying by-product.

It’s constantly different. No two days in recruitment are the same, there aren’t enough hours in the day to get bored.
The harder you work the more you earn.

You’ll need to have or develop strong sales and negotiation skills, communication techniques and the ability to “read” people. You’ll develop your questioning and interviewing skills, and form relationships with candidates and clients that will stay with you for years. You’ll improve your preparation and presentation skills and whilst you’ll learn to pre-empt issues, you’ll also develop an ability to adapt and to deal with unforeseen challenges.

Aside from the above you’ll find that working in the recruitment sector develops skills that you would never have realised play a part in the process and what’s more, you’re doing something pretty useful – helping people into jobs whilst growing your own earning potential and skill sets.

what’s bad about recruitment?

Recruitment is a sales role. This isn't bad per se but it certainly isn't for everyone. We recruit trainees because we want a bigger piece of the pie in the markets we operate in, because of this we expect trainees to be on the phone developing new business as much as working with our current clients. Very often people don’t want to do this.

It is also a roller coaster of emotions. Our product is people and people as you know can be very frustrating. It is important that in recruitment you are able to keep your emotions in check otherwise you will simply go mad.

Its long hours. Recruitment is not a "9-5" role (do they even exist any more?). If you want an easy ride take a role in administration or customer services where you keep to your hours and you don’t worry about work out of work.

and finally the ugly

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