a career in recruitment with accountancy action
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why accountancy action?

you will recieve the best training in the industry

We run Assessment Days four times a year and these are followed by a thorough, week long induction with our Sales Director. This encompasses everything from classroom training, jokes, role plays and the now infamous “road trip” to all of our offices. Getting to know the rest of the business is important even from week 1.

In your second week you will go back to your office, comfortable in the knowledge that you have been given a basic insight into the industry. From here your Managers will take over and the training will become “real”. You will start making calls to candidates and clients immediately and actually doing the job of a recruiter.

Your training and development doesn’t stop here however. Weekly appraisals with your Manager as well as ongoing feedback sessions and quarterly reviews will ensure that your learning curve continues.

above all it is fun

Starting a career in recruitment is tough. We have all been there and we remember how we felt. So much to learn , so much new terminology, so many targets and so little time.

For us it is as important that people bed in culturally as anything else.

So if you are looking for a career in a professional, challenging yet nurturing environment, look no further and apply now.

Click the image below to download a PDF outlining what training you can expect to receive in your first year.